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28 Jan “GRANNY FLAT” Is There One in Your Future?

“GRANNY FLAT” The “Granny Flat” is a unique type of living unit.  No longer designed only to house an elderly relative it can provide many benefits including affordable housing. Also known as an “accessory dwelling unit” or ADU, it can meet a wide variety of housing needs in todays’ modern and often chaotic world. It can be an answer to the nation’s need for flexible and affordable housing. Additionally, it can generate much needed extra income as a rental property and later provide a nest egg that sustains retirement. It can...

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24 Jul Reinventing a Timeless Look

The Tustin News Article about Chris Lentz and The Victorian Era Home in north Tustin failed to mention Richard H. Dodd & Associate, our Architecture Firm. See Link to Tustin News:   OCR Tustin News See also Lentz home on our Website: Cowan Heights From the onset we recognized the challenge to design an authentic Victorian Era Home for their family and way of life. That recaptured and preserved the charm and grace of the era.    ...

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16 May Latest Home Trend: Improving not Moving – Article Series 3 of 3

ARCHITECTURAL FORUM – LATEST HOME TREND: IMPROVING NOT MOVING Part 3 of 3 GETTING CREATIVE Now that you’re aware of the basic considerations, you realize you want your new custom-fitted home to be more than just space. With creative thoughts and approaches, an experienced architect can work with you to design interesting spaces while at the same time ensuring that the new version of your home fits your family’s lifestyle. ■ FITTING STYLES TO A NEIGHBORHOOD AND A FAMILY Many families realize they have outgrown their present home but worry the wrong kind of expansion...

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09 May Latest Home Trend: Improving not Moving – Article Series 2 of 3

ARCHITECTURAL FORUM – LATEST HOME TREND: IMPROVING NOT MOVING Part 2 of 3 GETTING PRACTICAL Too many homeowners rush into a remodel and only consider cosmetic changes. They, after the dust settles, realize that adding quartz countertops and new cherry wood cabinets didn’t turn their kitchen into what they really wanted – a great space to entertain. So first assess what functional changes need to be made so that the house meets your needs today and into the future. ■ SCALE AND SCOPE Prior to meeting with an architect you should organize your thoughts and assess...

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06 May Latest Home Trend: Improving not Moving – Article Series 1 of 3

HOW TO GET THE MOST OUT OF A HOME ADDITION OR REMODEL Part 1 of 3 This article includes practical tips and suggestions as well as an available Homeowner’s Guide to Remodeling. The article addresses lifestyle and household considerations as well as ecofriendly and sustainable considerations. Your fresh-out-of-college son just moved back in and your mother-in-law may soon follow. Not so long ago your solution might be to move. But with the last turmoil in the real estate market, instead of moving, many homeowners are improving their existing home. Why now? Well consider...

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11 Jul ARCHITECTURAL FORUM – Restoring a historic home

This is such a vast subject so I’ll only touch on some considerations . . .  If you live in a historic or period style home you appreciate that style however, you might find it lacks some modern functional amenities; amenities you’d like to incorporate it. If your home is on the Historic Registry or if it’s located in historical district you may be limited as to changes you can make. These types of restrictions are often offset by a tax benefit. ■    Homes on The Historic Registry are governed by codes and guidelines as to...

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